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Supply-Chain Management
Once these ERP systems are in place, the logical next step would be to expand the system to invest in a state-of the art Supply-Chain Planning solution which would help optimize supply chains and reduce cost and inventory levels throughout the supply chain. Companies who want to collaborate with their key customers and suppliers must open up the supply chain for all the businesses to flourish.

Sales Management
On the sales front, companies want to be more customer centric and invest in a system which helps them manage their Call Centers, Sales Offices, Sales Staff and their entire sales cycle. Once this has been put in the executive management would be very interested in measuring and reporting on the company’s key performance indicators through a connected system and also warehouse this information for strategic and operational analysis.

Procurement Management
On the procurement front, companies are trying to reduce costs by developing better relationships with their suppliers and sharing information with them which can help them reduce sourcing lead times and improved vendor selection.

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